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KAIP Prime – Icon Pack v3.2.1 Apk Is Here [Latest]

KAIP Prime - Icon


KAIP Prime – Icon Pack

Overview: KAIP Prime gets you all the wonders on KAIP but bigger and better!

Meet KAIP Prime, a creative, fun and unique Material Design icon pack with a special touch of geekness and superheroes.

The app brings over 1500 apps themed, 150 variant icons, 30 generic folders, 20 drawerheads, a set of actions and 35 Cloud Based wallpapers that blend perfectly with the icon pack.


a?¢ Updates every 2 weeks
a?¢ Support for every major launcher (Including Action, ADW, Apex, Atom, Aviate, Epic, Go, Holo, Inspire, KK, L, Lucid, Mini, Nemus, Next, Nine, Nova, S, Smart, Solo, TSF and many others)
a?¢ Support for CM Theme Engine, LG Home and Xperia Home.
a?¢ Built-In Icon request tool
a?¢ Cloud based wallpapers


Applying the icon pack on Android Wear Devices:

In order to have the icons working on Android Wear devices it’s required to apply KAIP with CyanogenMod Theme Engine. This will allow the icons to show only on the notificatios for some apps only.
Not every themed icon made can be seen on wear devices, it depends on the app, so keep that in mind.


Permissions explained:

a?¢ Why does the app need permission to modify or delete content of my storage?
It’s needed to be able to write and read icon requests data and files.

a?¢ Why does the app need permission to full network access?
It’s needed to be able to load the cloud based wallpapers and download them.

a?¢ Why does the app need permission to view connections?
It’s needed to be able to check if your device has internet connection.


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What’s New:

3.2.0 â?¢ Over 45 new icons Redesigned Mototola and Microsoft icons â?¢ Over 200 activities fixed.

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