Battlefield Combat 5 v2.7.0 Apk [Mega Mod]



Battlefield Combat 5 v2.7.0 Apk [Mega Mod]

The feared Armageddon has arrived, and the world as you know it has been destroyed. At last, humanity has destroyed itself.

After months of trench wars in China, your unit has returned to Japan. Devastation, hunger and pillage is what you see from your ship in the harbor of Yokohama. You start to search for a transport to reach your hometown of Fujisato, but petroleum now is too valuable for wasting it in a civilian transport, and crossing the country is now a very dangerous matter. But you have to do it.

CodeLabs presents their new game in the Battlefield Saga. This time, your mission is not a battle against terrorists or a terrible Rebel Army. It is not a war where you fight versus the impossible. It is a quest for a man who has seen everything to return home with his family.

A man who has lost everything is a very dangerous man.


– Different weapons, customizable and upgradeable
– Bazookas, railguns, machineguns, rifles and sniper weapons are available for you!
– Realistic shooting of your weapon
- More than 70 carefully designed scenarios
- Real 3D graphics optimized for a wide variety of devices
- Build your very own base!
– Easy to learn, hard to master

Battlefield Combat 5
Battlefield Combat 5


 Battlefield Combat 5 v2.7.0 Apk [Mega Mod]

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